A.I. Art Policy

How we use A.I. art and illustrations.

AI & Book Covers: A Perfect Union

Why Does Wooden Rocket Use A.I. art for our book covers?

What We Don’t Do

All About Amazon KDP & A.I.

The Latest from Amazon

When updating or uploading books on KDP, Amazon inquires about the A.I.'s role in your content creation. It's a nod to the ever-evolving world of A.I. in publishing.

No Panic, Just Clarity

Amazon's stance? Quality over quantity. They’re not saying no to AI; they just want the good stuff, not low-effort bot-produced content.

What You Need to Do

When using a Wooden Rocket cover, inform KDP as follows under A.I.-generated content:

NightCafe and Adobe offers full commercial terms on A.I. images they generate, so they are 100% above board.

And of course, if you've used any other A.I. tools in the writing or production process you need to tell Amazon. But for the Images artwork, you need to at least specify the above information.

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