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Wooden Rocket Book Cover Design FAQs

What pre-made cover services do you offer?

We offer pre-made ebook and print book cover designs. For ebooks, we design front covers in JPEG format optimized for major retailers like Amazon Kindle. For print books, we design full print-ready PDF wraparounds with front, back, and spine for services like Amazon KDP and IngramSpark.

Do you use A.I. art in your design process?

Yes, in fact, we love A.I. art. We use it for both the pre-made and customer book covers.Read all about our in-depth policy on A.I. art here.

What is your custom cover design process?

First, we'll have a consultation to discuss your genre, title, author name, themes, colors, imagery, and any other details about your book. Then we'll provide an initial concept design. After feedback and revisions, we'll send you final files ready for publication. We offer multiple revisions to ensure you're fully satisfied.

Do you do layout and produce book interiors, as well as offering cover designs?

We don't usually - it's so not cost-effective for you. You can hire a layout production team or solo typographer to design your book interiors, but it gets very expensive, very quickly. The amount of time it takes to layout a full book interior at pro rates can cost anything from £1000 for a simple book, to £30000+ for a complex non-fiction book with plenty of diagrams and photo inserts (that doesn't include the cost of designing said illustrations and taking those photos, either). Changes in the future then have to be made at an hourly rate - so late-catching a couple of typos can cost you hundreds. Yikes! A simple text-based fiction e-book can be produced with software like Scrivener, Atticus, or Vellum - and is within the skill range of most non-techies and design-challenged indie authors. For more complex print projects, there's Adobe InDesign, and Affinity Publisher. If you're a time-poor multi-millionaire or billionaire and still want to hire us, we'll consider it. Otherwise, DIY if the way to go!

How long does it take?

For ebooks, allow 1 week. For print books, allow 2 weeks. More complex projects may take longer. We always keep you updated on progress.

Who do you print-design for?

We can smoothly design covers for Amazon's print-on-demand service, Kindle Direct Publishing. We can also design for their main rivals, IngramSpark. They each use different templates and standards, and the standard pre-made or standard custom service offers you the choice between them, but not both. If you want a KDP print cover layout AND an IngramSpark cover layout, we need to charge you the print cost twice, as it's double the work/time to do both.

Do you provide proof copies of printed books?

No. You need to load your book's interior file and book cover file into your Amazon or IngramSpark account, and, if their pre-flight checks indicate you're good to go, pay for your own print proofs. We highly recommend you ask for a proof copy before you list your book for sale, as you never know what issues will raise their ugly head in the final copy of your book-in-print.

Can I provide my own images?

Yes, you're welcome to provide your own photos or illustrations if you have legal rights to use them commercially on a book cover. Just send high resolution image files.

Can I get a custom series design?

Definitely. We can create matching designs for a full series using consistent fonts, colors, and imagery tailored to each book's themes.

Who owns the rights to the design?

You retain full rights and ownership of the final cover design to use however you wish.

What file formats do you provide?

For ebook covers, we supply a high resolution JPEG file properly sized for major retailers. For print covers, you get a print-ready PDF file and a JPEG. We're happy to supply PNGs or other formats if needed.

What size are your ebook covers?

Our standard size is 1600x2400 pixels. This works across most major retailers. If you need a special size, just let us know.

What size are your print book covers?

Print covers are designed specifically based on your exact trim size and page count to ensure a perfect fit. We can accommodate any standard book size.

Can I change my cover later on?

We keep your files on record, so you can request design changes anytime. Minor text tweaks are free, but more significant changes incur fees. Contact us to discuss revisions.

How can I pay you?

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

Are there any hidden fees?

Your quoted price in the shopping cart is all-inclusive with no surprise add-ons. The only exception would be if you request major changes or additions after the initial agreement.

Do you offer rush delivery?

For an additional fee, we can expedite delivery of your cover design within 3-5 days for ebooks or 5-7 days for print books. Just let us know if you need a rushed turnaround time.

Do you design covers for non-fiction books?

Yes, we regularly design eye-catching covers for non-fiction books including memoirs, business books, self-help, health, science, history, and more. We can incorporate appropriate imagery to match the genre and subject matter.

Can you create a back cover blurb?

We don't provide a copy-writing service, but we're happy to format and layout the back cover blurb you provide, according to your book's specifications.

Can I get 3D mockups of my book?

Definitely! We can create 3D renderings of your book to help visualize the final product. These make great marketing graphics for social media and websites. Add-on fees apply based on image count.

How can I submit my book details and materials to you?

For premade covers, please use our online order form to submit all the relevant details about your book. For custom covers, you can also email us your synopsis, sample materials, author bio, and any visual references that might be helpful.

Do you offer cover critiques or re-designs?

If your existing cover needs a refresh, we can re-design it for you using the custom cover service.

What if I want to tweak my cover after it's finished?

Minor changes to text or text colors after completion are complimentary. More significant alterations will incur fees. Please contact us to discuss specific revision needs.

Do you design the spine and back separately for print books?

Yes, we design custom front, back, and spine pieces that seamlessly fit together in our full print wraparound covers. The spine width is sized precisely based on your page count.

Can I get my cover designed if my book isn't finished yet?

Absolutely, we can start on your cover anytime, even if your book is still a work in progress. We just need your title, subtitle, author name and a summary of core themes and imagery.

Do you offer cover design only or full formatting too?

We specialize in cover design services only. For interior formatting, we recommend partnering with a dedicated book formatter to handle the interior layout.

Will you represent my book accurately?

We aim to capture the essence and themes of your book effectively through symbolism, typography, color palette and other elements. Let us know details to create the right vibe.

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