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Hiya and welcome to Wooden Rocket, the culmination of a lifelong passion for design, books, and the vivid world of storytelling.

I'm Steve, the heart and soul behind this venture. My journey with graphic design began in 1991, a time when digital art was in its nascent stages and online design was still a novelty, explored through bulletin board services. As a UK native, I've witnessed the evolution of design through various technological shifts, and I've adapted, grown, and thrived with each new challenge.

Being an ardent lover of fiction, books have always held a special place in my heart. And what's a book without its captivating cover? My fascination with comic-books, with their dynamic art and punchy designs, has only furthered my love for crafting visually compelling narratives.

Before the world widely acknowledged the term 'digital publishing,' I was already delving deep into it, navigating the realms of Desktop Publishing (DTP). From pixel-perfect layouts for digital platforms to intricately detailed print designs, I've done it all.

Yet, the thrill I get from designing book covers, especially for indie authors and small presses, is unparalleled. Every author has a story, a vision, and at Wooden Rocket, my aim is to translate that vision into a cover that resonates, captivates, and sells.

Wooden Rocket is a family-run affair. We are small in size, but vast in our dreams and aspirations. We understand the nuances of individuality, and with each project, our mission is to fuse art with an author's unique voice.

So, whether you're an indie author taking your first steps or a small press looking for a distinctive touch, you're in safe hands. Let's embark on this creative journey together and rocket your 'ol book to success.

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