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When you need more than a pre-made book cover design.

While our pre-made covers are a highly cost-effective way for you to launch your book, we also offer a custom service where you can work with us to get a unique design that matches your book's content, theme, and genre.

Guide to Achieving your Perfect Custom Cover Art Design with Wooden Rocket

Your book cover is often the first impression readers have of your work. Partnering with Wooden Rocket ensures that this impression is memorable. To ensure the design process is seamless and effective, here's how you can best collaborate with us:

1. Clarity is Key

2. Inspire Us

3. Communication is Crucial

4. What Not to Do

5. Final Touches

Once the design is near completion, it's a good idea to share it with a small group of trusted individuals. Gaining a few external opinions can help ensure the design appeals to your target audience.

6. A.I. art and illustration policies

We are A.I. art and illustration-positive in our graphic design process. You can read all about this here.

At Wooden Rocket, we're passionate about making your story shine. By following this guide and fostering open communication, we're confident we'll craft a cover that not only resonates with your vision but also captivates your readers. Let's embark on this creative journey together!

Next Steps

Use the buy buttons below to place your order for the custom cover design service. If you don't see the buttons, but instead see an apology alert that we're running at capacity, it means our design pipe-line is currently full.

How it Works

Receive your initial design drafts within three working days after you provide your book's details. This preliminary stage offers you the opportunity to review and suggest revisions. Following your feedback, we'll refine the designs with a second round of concepts. Once these are approved, we'll proceed to perfect the text, typography, and fine details, bringing your cover to completion.

Custom E-Book Cover service: £200.
Custom E-Book & Print Cover service: £100 extra for print; £300 total.
Custom E-Book & Print & Audio-book Cover service: £50 extra for audio-book; £350 total.


Custom E-book cover design


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or Custom E-book AND a matching Print book AND a matching Audio-book cover design

Ebook and Print and Audio

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